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Teeth Whitening Options Leatherhead

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In fact, Sparkly Whites offers the innovative 60-minute Smile treatment, which is quite similar to Zoom, and patients will see a noticeable change in the whiteness of their teeth after just one hour.

A home whitening kit may then be used to preserve the outcomes of this laser and gel treatment combo.

Many believe laser teeth whitening to be the most effective teeth whitening method due to its rapid and long-lasting effects.

We also offer top-up treatments for only £139.00 if you want to refresh your smile!



So your teeth are no longer at their whitest and brightest.

Tea drinking, smoking, and wine drinking have eroded your enamel, leaving your teeth appearing more like tombstones than Hollywood stars.

Teeth whitening is an amazing method for restoring your smile to its former brilliance.

Yet, with so many options available, what is the most effective teeth-whitening procedure?

There are several crucial variables to consider.

The cost is the obvious starting point. If money is no obstacle, you may be willing to spend thousands of dollars to get the whitest smile possible.

For instance, veneers give the ideal white grin, but they are expensive and have other considerations to consider, such as discomfort and lifespan.

But, the majority of us are likely to choose a far more cost method that is also very successful and produces the desired outcome.

The fact is that some systems are substandard, but there are several top-tier teeth whitening methods that provide the same effects as the over-marketed, more costly systems.

Home bleaching kits and bleaching trays are quite inconsistent.

Not because the service or goods given are substandard, but because you must use them daily for 14 to 21 days for them to have an impact, which tends to discourage clients as they get bored or distracted and quit before the effects emerge.

Popular teeth whitening methods, such as Zoom teeth whitening, may cost anything from £200 to £1000 for the same procedure.

You must ask yourself why this is, and whether we are being taken advantage of.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Treatments range from around £199 to £400 depending on the treatment type and duration.

As the demand for teeth whitening services such as those we provide at Sparkly Whites Leatherhead increases, our business will continue to expand.

In-office methods such as laser teeth whitening are among the most successful and popular, and due to its 60-minute Smile treatment, Sparkly Whites can give you whiter teeth in only one hour.